Allan’s Platform

Allan’s Values:

  • People empower and innovate the future, not the government!
  • When government is inefficient or larger than it needs to be society loses.
  • Striking the right balance of government influence, so as not to stifle growth but rather be a catalyst for ingenuity, is paramount.
  • Our government is a system to help facilitate our societies progress, but the creators and pioneers are the People.
  • I am for small & efficiently run government.
  • I am pro People!

How do we build a better society?

  • People need access to a good education, career options, job creation, safety, volunteering and investing in our communities. These are major driver in helping foster goodwill and building a better future.
  • People, not the government have the power to build a stronger today and brighter tomorrow.
  • People must balance the government by electing values and accountability to elected offices.
  • People inspire the community from within and change in society starts from the bottom up.
  • I want to help societies progress forward!

Regarding the Community College Board:

The Community College system has a critical role to play in educating and empowering our diverse and growing student base.

The San Diego Community College Board is a volunteer position which has a responsibility to help govern how the local Community Colleges are run. The governing body is very much like a business, but not quite the same.

Both government and business require many skills to run effectively, including; resourcefulness, efficiency, relationships and organizational skills. These are all skills that I bring to the table. The community college boards duty, simply put, is to offer educational and career training to students in the most efficient manner.

After reviewing the past two years of the Board’s Agenda
and Minutes:

I am confident I can offer the board value in how it runs the local Community Colleges. Much of the work the board does is in areas I have experience in.

For example:

  1. All Leases should be periodically reviewed to ensure that when renewal dates are reached a decision is made to keep or renegotiate the lease.

  2. Collaboration with other Colleges, Universities Enterprises should be expanded when opportunities are created or become available.

  3. Negotiating contracts and requesting multiple bids on any project ensures precious resources and funds are efficiently invested in our Community Colleges.

  4. Helping create and foster pre-existing partnerships and relationships with local and outside industries to help create and expand training options for career training/course curriculums.

With prudent board management, we can offer our students broader educational options and opportunities in education, trades and workforce partnerships to better prepare them to graduate with jobs and careers.

As someone who was a student in the system not too long ago, I know first-hand how important our community colleges in shaping our future workforce. I completed over 100 units at SD City College and it gave me the start I needed to be successful.

It’s time for a fresh, younger perspective on the Board.